Sly grins and flirtatious sins

strung along like its wrong, but it feels so right to have you in sight

23 October 1988
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This has to be my 4th LJ(I keep deleting them every other year) My sis actualy made it for me. I wanted it just so I could look at emily's pictures from her trip to uganda. But I've been using it more and more recently :)

About me? hmmm, I'm 20 going on 21, recently dreaded(wax-free[best way to go for legit "real" locks imo]). I play bass, dabble in guitar, learning to sing, starting to skate again, live in the middle of nowhere in texas and I am a bit of a computer guru. Oh, and I work at a WINE bar in the COWBOY capitol of the world.. go figure. hehe

I've also been taking vids of the bands I see so go check them out! http://www.youtube.com/user/sporadicrecordings

follow me on twitter if you like http://twitter.com/cogitaaation

if you wanna know anymore about me all you gotta do is ask :D

If you so happen to use IRC you can find me on the gamesurge server in my sister's channel #food :D

I'm also playing TF2 lately, so if you wanna play add me. that_uk